The best nut free school lunches – by Shell and Olive

Shell and Olive Nut Free School Lunches

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Martina from Shell and Olive, mama to Sebastian, Theo and Evelyn. Enjoy!

Shell and Olive Nut Free School Lunches

Feeding a toddler is never easy. Trying to figure out peanut-free lunches when you’ve never had to think about peanuts before can be even more challenging.

Sebastian started pre-k 3 this year and was super excited when he heard he got to have his very own back pack and lunch box! However I was faced with a dilemma when I heard I couldn’t make his go-to peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches for lunch.

Stuck On You Bento Box

A child in his class has a severe nut allergy, so the entire classroom is nut free. As it should be. However, I suddenly grew an ever deeper appreciation for parents whose children have food allergies. I only have to worry about one meal, three times a week, and yet I felt lost. I can’t imagine having to constantly worry about an ingredient that could severely injure my child, and in some cases even be life threatening. So – DUCES nuts!

Enter the Stuck On You Bento Box. It has different compartments that list the different food groups. Simple concept but genius for someone like me who often lacks the creative juices first thing in the morning.

So I had a great idea – why not put together some nut free lunch options, and help out some other mamas who might be in the same boat?!

Shell and Olive


Grains: Pita Cracker
Protein: Salami
Dairy: Babybel Cheese
Veggies: Black Olives
Fruits: Apple – tip, when I cut the apple the night before, I toss it with a bit of lemon juice to keep it from browning.


Grains: Pasta salad *Martina’s night-before-lazy-girl method: Cook and strain pasta. Run under cold water to stop cooking and cool. Toss with your favorite Italian salad dressing. Chill in fridge. I shall call it “ew-yucky-black-and-green-thing free pasta salad.”
Protein: Turkey Rollups
Dairy: Yogurt
Veggies: Carrots
Fruits: Strawberries


Grain: SunButter (great alternative to peanut butter) and jam sandwich
Protein + Dairy : Salami and mozzarella rolls
Veggies: Cucumber slices
Fruits: Grapes – quartered

Kids love options, and seeing their lunch displayed like this is a mini feast for the eyes. The bento box is fun, super easy to wash – like dishwasher easy (top rack) – and environmentally friendly as it doesn’t require you to waste countless zip lock bags. The sandwich bag is insulated so no more soggy or warm sandwiches! As S says, “they’ll be JUUUST right!”

Shell and Olive

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